1. Rody! Mwahhh Beautiful and amazing short video!! I love the pictures you took! Miss you and sending you kisses and hugs sweet cousin!

  2. Good Job Rody! I love the pictures you took in France! They are beautiful! I miss you! Hugs and kisses!

  3. Its just amazing, I felt excited. The best short movie i have ever seen. It makes you feel warm and familiar to that place.
    You are so professional and talented roudy:)

  4. Great filming, great editing, exquisite movie!

    The shot angles and the movement of the camera are so superb.

    You never fail to impress us …

  5. I never blinked my eyes the whole 4 minutes!!!!! So professional shooting and one of the most brilliant small movies i have ever seen. You belong to hollywood dude!! That’s it!!!

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