The Making of “Edge Of Deepest Emotions”

Size: 100*65 cm
Oil on canvas

I wasn’t planing on doing a making of for this one but here are few images I took half way through that shows roughly the passage of the lower part of the model and her hand from draft to almost the final result.

And a Small Time-lapse Just for fun πŸ™‚

Special Thanks to:
Lily Sly (Model), Lucie and Mr RED.

Hope you’ve enjoyed It πŸ™‚
View The Final Result


  1. This is an outstanding artwork, in details and colours, to the extent of making the character come alive, and she just seem to want to jump off of the canvas and be alive.
    I think this art has a unique quality that is hard for me to explain, It is truly in a class of its own, please keep on the excellent work, we never have enough of it πŸ˜€

  2. It’s wonderful, just wonderful, don’t find more words for explaining! !!
    Magnifique vraiment magnifique,
    Bravo frère

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